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I’m An Empath, But I Will Not Beg You To Talk To Me

One of my favorite things about myself is my eagerness to listen. I am an empath, through and through. I love this about myself and I have absolutely no qualms with claiming this because it has taken years of hard soul work to become a good listener. And I'm nowhere near done doing that work,… Continue reading I’m An Empath, But I Will Not Beg You To Talk To Me

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If Mothers Day Is Hard

If Mothers Day is hard, I understand this too well. There were many Mothers Days when I couldn't call my mom. There were years of frustration, pain, and anger. Even after her death I'm still coming to terms with how our relationship did and didn't work and so for me, Mothers Day is hard. My… Continue reading If Mothers Day Is Hard

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Review: Six Months Of Rocksbox

For the last six months I've been an affiliate with the monthly subscription service, Rocksbox! Rocksbox delivers sets of three designer jewelry pieces to your door for just $21 a month. You wear what you like, buy what you can't part with, and then send the rest back for a whole new set of jewelry.… Continue reading Review: Six Months Of Rocksbox

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Instagram Growth – An Introduction

When I launched my makeup blogging on Instagram, I did so with reckless abandon. I didn't always know what I was doing, but I did make a few observations and sound judgements along the way. In continuation of my series on starting the influencer process, I want to talk about the first few months of… Continue reading Instagram Growth – An Introduction

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Looking Ahead – The Best Case Scenario

Hello! Welcome to Part 3 of my series on becoming an Influencer! In this series I'm going to give you all the behind the scenes info on how I've been able to start receiving products and services for free and how I've grown my social media presense on my chosen platform: Instagram! If you're new… Continue reading Looking Ahead – The Best Case Scenario

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Deep Quiet – Finding Calm In The Midst Of Panic

I started having panic attacks in high school. I didn't know that's what they were at the time. I thought maybe something was wrong with my brain. I blamed them on lack of sleep or not eating enough for breakfast.  Like clockwork they'd arrive, first period, about 20 minutes into the school day. I'd be… Continue reading Deep Quiet – Finding Calm In The Midst Of Panic

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Girls Trip 2017 – Part 1 – Packing My Makeup!!

About a month ago my girlfriends and I decided we deserved a break! School has just kicked off for all of our children and after surviving the stress of the first week of school, we wanted to treat ourselves to a few days at the beach. Woohoo! We found a darling condo on Airbnb right… Continue reading Girls Trip 2017 – Part 1 – Packing My Makeup!!