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Review: SoapBox Soaps + Coupon Code

A few months ago I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from SoapBox Soaps hanging out in my inbox. SoapBox reached out to me about trying a few of their products out and I was intrigued. I'd seen their products on shelves at Target and Publix, but I'd yet to try them. Obviously I… Continue reading Review: SoapBox Soaps + Coupon Code

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Why You Need To Be Cleaning Your Brushes!!

One of the mistakes I made very early on in my makeup journey is not cleaning my brushes. Yes, it's true. I just didn't clean them. For over a month.  A solid month before a friend gently asked if I'd been cleaning them. Uh oh. If you're like me and making the mistake of not… Continue reading Why You Need To Be Cleaning Your Brushes!!