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Why I’ve Stopped Using Glitter In My Looks

I love sparkle and shine. I love the gorgeous shimmer of of light dancing across a well lit glittery nail or eye. It's gorgeous. It's magic. And it's no wonder glitter is one of our favorite makeup essentials these days. But, I can't be a part of the glitter club anymore. Because it is literally… Continue reading Why I’ve Stopped Using Glitter In My Looks

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How-To: Press On Nails!

I absolutely adore press-on nails. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll almost always see me with long nails! But, here's the thing: they're not natural and they're super easy! I used to get full acrylic sets done at salons on a regular basis, but there are so many things I do with my hands… Continue reading How-To: Press On Nails!